Monday, July 22, 2013

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the thrifting/photo excursion I had with my friend Anna last week! It was the most fun day which included trying on vintage goodies at one of the best spots in our city to which I was recently introduced: Lost Marbles. This place is chock full of vintage hats, shoes, BAGS  that would blow you away, and clothing of course ;). It's three stories of vintage heaven and I could literally spend hours, and my entire budget it that place.

There were so many beautiful hats to choose from! Anna looked perfect in this yellow fedora, bahh loved it!

Too many pretty dresses to take a gander at :)

If you can't tell by my face...I really wanted this hat. I mean come on, it matched my lipstick...I had to get it right?!

What a fun day with this gorgeous gal! Can every day be filled with shopping and photoshoots and makeup? Sigh :)

So, yay for new friends and there's more to come where this came from :)

God Bless!

Colossians 3:15
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.


|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

I love your scalloped white jacket and the ribbon in your shoes! Everything you wear matches so well, and I totally love your blog! All of Sunday evening was spent looking at your uhmazing hair and clothes lol xxx Keep the goodies coming :)

Sophie said...

This looks like such a fun day and right up my street!

Ali Hval said...

Um, this day sounds like it was perfect! Makeup, thrifting, and picture-taking?! Aaaah, if only we could live all of our days like that... :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your day, Katie! You definitely deserved it.

That place looks like hat heaven... seriously, look at all those hats! I'm not even a hat person and it makes me all giddy, hahaha!

Bethie The Boo said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Thrifting with friends is the best!

Jessica said...

Aw, this looks like so much fun! Glad you girls had a great day! :)

Marlen said...

ohhh my goodness, three stories?! i'm driving down and you're taking me there- that is AMAZING. and i love that the hat matched your lipstick, haha, of course you had to buy it! i've recently been on a mad hunt for a pillow box hat. i'm sure there were like, 24 there -__-

xo marlen
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Sammi said...

Ah what a great find! Your little scalloped jacket is so cute, and yes, you did have to get that hat!

xox Sammi

JennaStevie said...

This looks like the most amazing thrift store ever!! I wish ours were like that, a lot of the ones here are a little on the "seedier" side I'd say. You are both so pretty!!

Linda B said...

Whoa, this thrift store looks awesome! Looks like a fantastic day for finding great stuff :)
Your friend Anna totally reminds me of Aria from Pretty Little Liars! Haha, that one shot of her in a yellow fedora especially

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Laura said...

That thrift store looks AMAZING! How did you not spend all your money there?! I know that I would have. ;) Can't wait to see more pics - certainly looks like you had a fantastic time!


Kristian said...

Fun! Also.. that white dress you hold up in one shot is pretty.