Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photoshoot Part One: 1940's Jacket

As I've been hinting at forever, here is part one (more to come...) of the photos my friend Anna took for me last week! It was so much fun posing for someone who loves photography as much as I do and this gal has some serious talent. It was also interesting to see the difference in photos between her camera and mine! I may or may not be begging the husband for a new lens now...
I'll be posting the photos I took of her soon too, she's a beauty!
I found this amazing 1940's jacket while we were thrifting and I knew I wanted to wear it immediately. It is such a gorgeous color, indicative of the era and it is in fabulous shape. It's only missing one button, which doesn't matter to me one snit because I can't button the thing anyway (shh our secret).  This romper is one of my very favorite pieces. It is actually from around the 90's, but when styled the right way it can look like many different decades, which I love. Anyway, we took way too many photos, but I loved them all so enjoy!

Also, if you made it all the way through that long post you deserve to hear my announcement! I've been thinking about doing this for months and months, but just didn't feel like it was the right time. Well sometime last week I got a fire in my belly and decided to just go ahead with it! I started an Etsy Shop! I've worked steadily for the past several days buying, mending, pricing, sizing, taking photos, and uploading them to Etsy, and I'm proud to say I have quite a few items listed already :) If you're interested you can find me right here at Midwest Charm Vintage. I'd be honored if you would check it out and let me know what you think! Criticisms welcomed from those with experience as well :) I will be adding more and better things as I get acclimated to the process, but it's a start. 
I am so grateful that God has given me renewed passions and energy this summer. I felt very stagnant at the end of the school year and these past couple of months have really changed my mindset back to a joyous and thankful one :) Nothing better than that!

Have a blessed day everyone!

Colossians 4:2
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Jacket- Vintage, Lost Marbles
Romper- Vintage, Ragstock
Shoes- Payless
Bag- Vintage Coach
Sunglasses- Bought on a trip
Earrings- Vintage, rummage sale


Lizette Rosser said...

very cute jacket! the color is great and goes well with your romper!


Jessica said...

Oooh, love these photos! They are gorgeous. The jacket is fantastic! And your hair is sooo beautiful. A lovely post! :)

Rachel Sullivan said...

These photos turned out great!
Congrats on starting a vintage shop! I'm glad you did, it seems like a natural step for you.


irene wibowo said...

i love your jacket! :)
Irene Wibowo

Bethie The Boo said...

You look amazing! Simply amazing!

And congrats on the Etsy shop! I'll definitely check it out!

Ali Hval said...

Oh my GOSH, Katie!! You are such a stunner! Gosh, those close ups on your face... you have such pretty, pretty eyes! I may or may not have saved one of those pictures for in case I ever have to draw pretty green eyes in the future. And your lipstick is a gorgeous shade. AND YOUR HAIR. Can you go into modeling or something for me? Okies, thanks. :D

Your friend's pictures really are amazing! And it's awesome that you both had a most excellent time. That blazer is seriously the perfect cut and color. It's in such good shape I almost can't believe it's not butter! I mean vintage. I almost can't believe it's not vintage.

:D :D

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

you are so beautiful! this lip color was made for you. ah, i just want to take a road trip to you and photograph you myself now!

lindsey louise


Kristian said...

how fun to do a photo shoot with a friend! And good luck opening an etsy shop!

PS I've taken note of it and will add it into the mix of other girls' etsy shops, so it will be mentioned on the FT twitter soon.

bashashhazbaz said...

you look gorgeous!

Marlen said...

wowza, these pictures came out AMAZING. you have the most beautiful hair and that purple lipstick on you is a total dream. and i LOVE this outfit- that rust color looks so good with the black and white polka dots. and i totally have a bunch of blazers i can't button, haha #whatever. and yaaaay congrats on your etsy store!! i had a look through it and you have SUCH pretty pieces!

Also, LOL at the old man trying to break into your house a few months ago. Though that definitely is better than walking in on someone in the bathroom hahah.

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Laura said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Your friend did a fantastic job on these photos! That jacket is gorgeous - what a find! I never would have guessed that you couldn't have shut it either! :P And that romper is oh so perfect!

Congrats on starting your Etsy store. I had one for awhile and it was so fun, but with school it was really hard to keep on top of it - maybe someday. I'm off to look at your shop right now!


The Braided Bandit said...

These photos turned out AMAZING! Your friend is so talented, I want a new lens so so badly as well! Your romper and blazer combo is perfect!
Also, just headed over to favorite your shop on Etsy, 3 sales in the first few days is seriously so cool! You have amazing vintage taste so I'm sure your shop will be super successful :)
xo Hannah

Sammi said...

Absolutely goooorgeous photos! You look stunning. And checking out your Etsy shop now!!

xox Sammi

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Such a classic beauty you are in these photos :) You look like you should be in a vintage coke advertisement or something of the sort. And congrats on the etsy shop!

Keit said...

Yaaaay ^_^ Congrats on the Etsy shop, this is great news :)

Loving the photoshoot, you look beautiful as ever. And that brown jacket of your is so darn pretty!!! <3

Marisa Noelle said...

Aren't you a total beauty!! Love these shots Katie - very stunning and don't even get me started on that jacket and romper - what amazing finds!

Welcome to Etsy! I can't wait to take a peek at your shop as you have such gorgeous taste in vintage :-)

xoxo Marisa

Halie said...

I seriously love your style.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you are too beautiful for words. Love the polkadots and your lipstick color!! These shots are amazing.

Xo, Hannah