Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wearing a Dress as a Light Jacket

I think this dress is the favorite item in my closet. Eeps! I know, I shouldn't play favorites, but this little beauty has so much going for it. Firstly, there is a story behind this dress. There is a little flea market/thrift store in my old college town that I used to LOVE to shop at when I lived there. At one point in time they had a rack of free clothing that mostly had really poor quality items in rough shape. However, one time I decided to sift through the rack just in case there was a hidden gem among the the rest of the discard 'free pile'. As soon as I saw this dress I knew it was coming home with me! It is 100 percent silk, the most perfect shade of red and can be worn in an insane amount of ways. I've worn it as a shirt, (here and here), as a dress, (here, here, and here) and now as a little jacket! It buttons down the front so it was just begging to be worn this way. We had a sunny 70 degree day of balmy perfection here, so a light silk overlay was just the perfect touch for our evening out with friends.

Sean and I went out for a visit with some of his co-workers. One of them has a wife and three of the most adorable little girls you've ever seen. They were wearing huge flowers in their hair and little tulle skirts-ahh cuteness! They talked to me for most of the evening about learning to ride bikes, ballerina dancing, and princess books :) Definitely my favorite part of the night! I love looking at the world though the eyes of children. Everything they experience is so new and exciting that it makes you appreciate all the little things in life. Like, seriously turning five is a BIG DEAL everyone. For real :)

Another awesome part of the evening was where it took place. We had to drive to a tiny little town in Minnesota to meet our friends. It had that lovely home-y main street feel to it that I just adore. There was this little antique shop that we stopped at for a few minutes called "Junk in the Trunk." First of all, we got a kick out of the hilarious name! But I absolutely loved the inside too. It was one of those places that had multiple little rooms filled with troves of vintage treasures. There is one item that I'm going to convince Sean to go back and buy someday ;) It is an antique marble design table and set of chairs that just made my heart swoon. It was a gorgeous shade of butter yellow and it was $289 for the table and set of six chairs. I really have no idea, is that a good deal? It seemed like a good deal. Also I fell in love with it. Also, I probably won't stop thinking about it until it is in our house. End of story :D To make it all the better, my older sister has the same antique table in her home in a shade of gray! So we could be twinsies. That settles it-I shall make it mine!
Here is what the table looked like. The chairs were just brown, though. Isn't it darling?

Seriously, I love all the pleating detail on the front and back of this dress! It gives the garment shape when I button it. 

I'm also completely enamored with this scarf I got as a gift from my mama last year :) I wear it ALL THE TIME. It is the most beautiful color and wears well in any season. I can't wait to layer with it all fall and winter long!

Whew! I was a chatty cathy tonight apparently. Hope your Saturday was simply lovely! I am SO EXCITED to say that Sean and I are going to visit a pumpkin festival in another little town tomorrow! I've always wanted to go to something like this and I was determined this year. I cannot wait to go (hopefully) on a hayride and pumpkin picking!! I'm going to act like a little, giddy child the entire time, I know it :)
God Bless all!

Romans 12:2
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Earrings, scarf- Gift
Dress/jacket- Free from flea market
Jeggings- Charlotte Russe
Heels- Maurices, thrifted
Bag- Coach, thrifted 


MarieStella said...

amazing heels and bag!! love the scarf and the color of your coat!!

Anonymous said...

Very clever idea...I love this piece as a dress and as as a jacket! It's such a gorgeous colour and really festive feeling this time of year ;)

<3 Cambria

Ali Hval said...

my philosophy is it's a good deal if you think it is--because what one person may love, another may not! those chairs are seriously cool, though, so I think you got an amazing deal. ;)

I love how you wore that dress as a cardigan! It looks so neat and waaarm!

Elana said...

I love how versatile this dress is, it's such a great piece! Talk about remixing an item. And you definitely that table, it's so cute!

Laura said...

I loved how you made the dress a jacket! Super cute idea. :)

Love the table set too; hope you get it soon! Oh to have a house. :)


Midwest Muse said...

Your scarf is absolutely beautiful and I love this jacket. I think it's probably taller than I am. And that table is adorable.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

ah i love this! the sweater dress is just adorable on you. and those table and chairs are awesome!

<3 katherine