Thursday, October 11, 2012


My little illness has taken a turn for the worse once again, I am now completely without a voice! That should make for an interesting afternoon at work trying to play with the kiddos.
Husband and I had a coupon that expired in a couple of days though, so we decided to go make use of it last night and went out to eat. I love dressing up for date nights :) I get to wear something a bit different-more geared to what Sean likes. It was funny, we were sitting across the table from one another just chatting and all of a sudden I realized that I couldn't really hear my voice anymore...haha, whoops! Maybe I've been talking too much when I should have been nursing my aching vocal chords..

I thrifted these boots last week! My current pair of fall boots are falling apart on the soles, so I knew I needed a knew pair-but I hate how expensive boots can be. So I've been scouring thrift stores for the past few months on the lookout. I was so happy when I found these! They are leather (much better quality than my current pair) and I paid $3.50 for them! I felt like I was stealing as I walked out of the store ;).  They have more detail as well, which I love! I wish they had a flat sole, because then they would be more versatile-but I can't complain.


Well, I'm off to get a flu shot in preparation for a winter working with small children. I've  actually never gotten a flu shot before so I'm slightly nervous (I am one of those people that really hate needles and pain). But I suppose it will be worth it to not come down with that nasty virus like I do every year!

God Bless, and I hope you all are staying well this year!

 Psalm 62:1
A psalm of David. I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.

Earrings, scarf- Gift
Dress, cardigan- Target
Boots- Thrifted
Coat- Thrifted


Bethie The Boo said...

Oh yes, flu shot is a must!! I love getting one, it makes a huge difference in how many times I get sick or how severe.

Bummer you have lost your voice!

Birdie print dress!! Oh I love! So whimsical and fun!!

Kristian said...

Hope the shot went well (I need to o the same!)

You look adorable in this and I hope you feel better soon.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. I've got a bug too and it is the worst.

I can't believe you thrifted those boots; they are really gorgeous. I love the two-tone look.

Always Maylee said...

I love your adorable dress!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Little-Hat said...

Gorgeous Fall outfit! Evokes a spirit of freedom and fun...Love the dress especially!


The Braided Bandit said...

Love the print of your dress! Hope you're feeling better soon!
xo Hannah

Laura said...

I really like your dress a whole lot! Hope that you had a fun night out with the hubby!

I hope that you feel better soon - sounds like that flu shot is definitely in order.


Ali Hval said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry that you're not getting much better. Drink lots of tea and get a good night's rest! :) At least you look really really cute, right?! That bird print is seriously adorable, and I just love how colorful your outfit is.

Elana said...

I love how you still look so happy even when you're sick! I can't believe you found these boots for that cheap, what a great find. And I still love the print of this dress!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are ADORABLE! love date nights!

Sandy a la Mode

Rakel said...

Lovely look!

Mrs. Dork said...

I hate that you've been feeling bad. Hopefully that shot will make you feel better! But on the bright side, at least you can wear your cute new boots while getting stabbed with a needle! (I'm anti-needles, too!)

irene wibowo said...

pretty dress:)
Irene Wibowo

Anonymous said...

Super fun leather jacket...I like the particular shade of brown, it's like chocolate :) And cute boots (of course)! I'm sick too...major nasty head cold/'s going around!

<3 Cambria