Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black and Blue

Hebrews 7:25
Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.

I wore this ensemble to do a bit of rummage sale-ing around town. Our city has a huge rummage sale encompassing many neighborhoods. It is a week long of rummaging goodness! We've went the past two nights and picked up a few treasures. Not many though! Most rummage sale-ing is baby clothes and trinkets. It was the walking around that was fun! We just parked our car and walked several blocks around town-just chatting with each other and dreaming about having a house someday to fill with vintage treasures! We found this incredible maple hutch that would be beautiful in a kitchen. I totally would have considered buying it if we had a house.

One of my students today licked a marker. LICKED. One of my kiddos came up and told me that the other student had marker on his face. I went over to look at him. He was covering his face and I told him to show me what he had done. He stuck out his tongue to show me a huge green line covering his entire tongue-from front to back! I asked him why he licked the marker and he said, "Because another student wanted to borrow it and I thought if I licked it they wouldn't want to borrow it anymore!"
Bah, children.
Love them.
Can that work nowdays? "Oh, the government wants my money? I'll just LICK it and they won't want it anymore! That'll show 'em!"

I've noticed that older ladies really love it when younger people wear hats. I've gotten so many compliments from the old ladies running their rummage sales on my hat/ the way I dress the past couple of days. I love it! They always say, "I wish hats were more in style like they were back when I was young!" I like to think that I remind them somewhat of those days- how fun! One lady said, "Wow, you look so forties, how neat!" I was buying a vintage wool navy peacoat from her. How fitting :)

Here's to another Friday! Love those....
God Bless!

Dress, shoes, bag, belt-Vintage
Hat-Old Navy

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Marisa Noelle said...

That is so very true about the hat thing with older the antique shop yesterday one of the vendors who was an older lady was so tickled that I had on a hat and vintage dress...she ended up discounting all of my items in half and giving me a free bag of vintage clothes that she didn't have room for in her shop. Crazy, rigth?

Your outfit here is simply darling. It kind of reminds me of a modern take on Blossom from the 90s:) The little anklets are so sweet and are the perfect little finishing touch. I wish that money idea would work for real:)

xx Marisa