Thursday, July 21, 2011


Since today was my last day working at Macy's, I thought I'd commemorate it by wearing as much color as possible. After I came home from work I put on my brightest clothing! I wish I could have gotten some outdoor shots today because the weather was actually nice, but there were these creepy guys in the apartment above us who kept calling me Mami and not even this blog is worth that level of creepy.

Tomorrow my Sean is coming home after another week of working in Delaware! Then on Saturday we are leaving for camping in Colorado! I'm super excited. I don't travel very many places so this will be so much fun! Sean and I's first anniversary is on Sunday so we will probably celebrate it tomorrow before we go camping. So, I probably won't post again for another week or so unless I find time tomorrow :) Busy, busy summer!

I'm definitely going to miss a lot of the people I worked with at Macy's, but all in all I'm so excited to be finished working there. It's a great place, but I just don't enjoy working retail, in general. These past couple of months working in women's clothing was more fun because I got to help people shop, but it was also a bigger temptation than I need! Now I have just a few more weeks before I start my residency and get things in order for school! SCARY!!

Psalm 119:30
I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.

Love you all! God Bless :)

Blouse-Thrifted, Vintage JC Penny


TheMadTwins said...

Those pink pants are amazing :)

xxx London

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Dresses for Dinner said...

These pants are perfect and are very flattering on you!