Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a gorgeous day it was outside today. I went without a coat most of the day because the sunshine was just glorious. I think it's funny that here in SD we find 30 degree weather to be balmy, while some from other places think that is freezing! Sean and I did a little thrifting today, more for him than me. He's more interested in books, music, and even dishes while I look at clothes :). It was fill a bag for $5 though so we got him some really nice sweaters, since he only has like 4 that he wears on rotation :) And we slipped a black sweater in there for me since I need to wear black for my new job and I don't have many black pieces.

Sweater dresses have to be the most comfy thing to wear. How much more cozy can you get than a long comfy sweater?
Sean's parents were in town so we spent time with them as well. We went for ice cream and then spent quite a while at Barnes and Noble. I, of course, walked out with some cheap cookbooks and Sean received a "Zombie Survival Guide" from his parents :) haha, I guess we have to be prepared right? I had fun and now I'm blogging while Sean is at the grocery store buying ingredients for the mystery meal he is making me tonight-I'm excited to see what it is that he's making! And excited that he's cooking for me instead of the other way around :)

We ordered my camera last night! I ended up with a hot pink Pentax K-X and I am beyond excited to get it. My family visits in two weeks so I'm hoping it will have arrived by then so I can test it out by taking pics of the nephews and family! Eep! :D

Hope you're having a good weekend, just think on this verse if you're feeling a little worn out, the Lord will sustain you :)

Psalm 51:12
Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

God Bless!

My wonderful sister, Jeni got me this purse as an early birthday present when she came to visit. I LOVE it. It has such beautiful colors and the flowers are just darling. It kind of feels vintage-y too which of course I love. I carry it everywhere, I just never remember to photograph it! Thanks Jen!! :D

We had some really obnoxious guys on the balcony above us who were just making a huge racket while we took photos...I made this face in response..haha.ha........

Necklace-From Sean :)
Belt- walmart?
Jacket-Forever 21

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jenthejournalist said...

You are so cute! Looking great as usual! Also, I like today's verse. I think the entire book of Psalms is just so beautiful.