Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guess who's working at Macy's?

What a day! I had my interview with Macy's and she gave me the job right on the spot! They wear black, so she said I was already all dressed for the job :) Praise the Lord-Sean and I prayed so much yesterday that I would feel relaxed and not nervous like I usually am for interviews and it definitely helped a lot. I hope I get enough hours working there though because I was put on as an 'on call' person, so I'm going to have really weird hours. That's because they know that I can only work until August and then I won't be able to work anymore (except maybe on the weekends). But we'll see. I'm just thankful that we'll be having another income and that I could walk to work if I'm having car troubles (like I have been lately) God really does answer prayer-we just have to be patient! Hooray!

I also went and got a new drivers license today, which was quite the experience. Where I grew up the DMV is only open one day and really isn't that crowded-but this place was a madhouse! I had to wait about 45 minutes to be able to get my license and I was so glad to be out of there because everyone smelled like smoke :P But ya, the picture is fabulous, I mean who doesn't love that blue ring around your head-isn't that how we all want to look? ;) haha JK

Now it's time for an apple with some peanut butter and some Say Yes to the Dress :D hmmmm Good day :):D

God Bless!

Psalm 17:6
I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.

Earrings-Gifted to me by my lovely sister :)
Suit-JC Penny years ago-it's a good luck charm interviewing suit that both my sister and I have worn for interviews :)
Tights-DKNY from TJ Maxx


passionfruitfreak said...

Yay! Congrats on the job :) It is rather unfortunate how busy the DMV in SF is :P No such thing as quick. I also just love how they don't count down or anything of when they're going to take the photo...

Alexandra Rose said...

CONGRATS!!!!! :)

Krisken said...

Note to self: for renewals on driver's licenses you can go to the Courthouse on Minnesota Ave. It's soooo much less busy!