Monday, October 20, 2014

Outfit: Blue and Fuchsia

Hello! Last week was one of the slowest ever. I began working my second job and trying to juggle two separate schedules is taking its toll so far. I'm just exhausted! I figured I could have at least a day to recuperate, but I worked all day Saturday too and didn't get much downtime on Sunday either. Why is work a thing anyway? Like can't we just all agree it stinks and move on to things that we actually enjoy doing? Like a job snuggling with cats all day long, or testing pints of ice cream for quality assurance-why aren't there more of those jobs out there huh?!

I hope your week is swell! If you follow me on instagram you saw that Sean bought me a record player/radio console that is absolutely GORGEOUS. We had seen it in an antique store about a week ago and I just fell in love with it. I figured it was one of those things I would maybe find a few years down the road, but not something we could get now. Sean surprised me though! I just have a couple of Christmas albums that he bought me along with one Styx record that was inside the console. I definitely need to go record shopping now! I'm so excited to scour some classic finds as well as buy some newer albums on vinyl too. We have to do a bit of work as the player produces a loud buzz when played.  Sean thinks he just needs to replace the capacitors though and the buzzing will stop. I'm so glad I have a tech wizard for a husband! Anyway, that is what I will be up to in my downtime this week. How about you?

God Bless!

Psalm 51:12
Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Dress- Vintage, Flea Market
Shoes- Plato's Closet
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe
Belt- Vintage


Eccentric Owl said...

I LOVE your lipstick, Katie! Pink is a beautiful color with your skin, it makes you look so peachy and pretty! This dress is super pretty, too. I love it with the fuchsia shoes! And that record player Sean got you is beautiful!

Samantha said...

Geez, I can imagine you're tired, two jobs! Good for you for working hard though, it'll pay off :) You look beautiful in this blue dress! I love its classic shape.

Emileigh said...

I love this sea foam wall! (Sea foam is my favorite color.)
How great to find a record player! I've also had one on my list for a while, but... where to put it?!

Kristian said...

New jobs are always an adjustment. I'm sure you will get your groove (and if not, I'm sure google can help you locate some job openings for ice cream quality control jobs!)

Love this colorful look.