Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hair Tutorial: Heart Shaped Hair

Well, hello! I wasn't sure what to call this hairstyle, but then I realized the top of my head resembles a heart when I am finished, so that's what we'll call it. :) This is a simple, pulled back style that really takes no extra skill, and only a few bobby pins.

Start with your hair parted in the middle, or close to the middle. Hair can be clean, or unwashed it shouldn't matter.

Each side of your hair will be a section. I did my right side first to show what it should look like. 

 Take the section of your hair running right behind your ear and pull in upwards.

Begin twisting the section of hair just slightly as you pull up. 

Bring it around to the back of your head, right in the middle. 

As you twist two to three times, push the hair outward slightly so that you get a bit of volume on the sides of your head. 

If you wish to have more of a victory roll look with a see through roll, twist a couple more times and push upward with the section of hair.

Begin pinning at the back of the head, making an X with the pins so they stay securely. 

The two sections should come together in the back, or you may twist them together for a different look!

Make sure to spray the sides a bit with hairspray to eliminate frizz. 

For this style below I did the same technique, but when I was finished I put my hair in a simple braid and then rolled it into a bun. Easy peasy!

Thanks all!

God bless,

Galatians 5:26
Let us not become conceited, or provoke one another, or be jealous of one another.

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-Stephanie said...

This is so stunning. Makes me wish I hadn't cut my hair!