Monday, May 12, 2014

Outfit: Navy Dress, and a little about my Etsy Shop

Hi there! Did you all have a nice weekend? Ours promised rain the entire time, but it didn't come until late Sunday evening and it was flash flood worthy. We had just put in our garden, so I was hoping this morning that it didn't all wash away! What can I say though, I love the rain.
Needless to say we haven't put away our coats yet around here and I pulled out my teal number one last time before summer! It paired so well with this 1940's navy dress that it was a no-brainer.

I found this stunning, stunning dress at a vintage shop in town. 1930's and 40's clothing in my size and good condition is difficult to find so I practically squealed when I got my hands on this number. It has an asymmetrical neckline, asymmetrical right pocket, nautical buttons, and the cut is just phenomenal. I feel so great in it that I just want to wear it every day! I even got the price down a bit by pointing out that I would need to mend some seams and re-sew in one of the shoulder pads.That is about the extent of my sewing skills at the moment.
I made my grandmother promise to teach me how to sew when I go to visit her this summer. Now I just need to find a pattern I like so that I can make a dress with her! I've wanted to do that since I was a little girl and I finally got up the courage to ask her. I didn't learn until I was a bit older that my grandmother was so great at making her own clothing and I'd love to be able to share that experience with her.

I also listed this bag in my etsy shop here! It is a gorgeous little handbag in such a fun combination of neutral colors! With this being the last week of school, I'm hoping to add a bunch of new items to the shop next week for spring and summer. I can't wait to focus more on my shop in the coming months as it is what I love to do!
ALSO I made a decision to start directing all of the money that I receive from my Etsy Shop into an account that will strictly be used to help others in some way. I want the proceeds to be used for things like community service projects, sponsoring our child in Kenya, buying donations for community organizations like animal shelters and low income daycare, etc. I really want this to be the focus of my business so that it won't be me making money, but rather something that will benefit others. That way you can make your purchase knowing that you get a wonderful item and you're doing something to help people, how great is that?!


Have a great start to your week!
God Bless,

1 John 1:5
This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all. 

Dress- Vintage, Aviena
Bag- In my Etsy Shop Here
Coat- Grandmother's
Stockings- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Crocs, Thrifted
Hat- Vintage


Elliementary, My Dear said...

You look so radiant in these pictures :) That teal color is so nice on you and looks great paired with the navy dress and brown hat. You are so lucky to have a grandmother that sews. I wish mine could teach me how to do that! And good for you for deciding to donate the proceeds from your etsy shop. I put on benefit shows with female-fronted bands and donate all the proceeds to local shelters. It is definitely a very rewarding experience.

Marlen said...

I just found out my favorite vintage shop turned into a main stream shop- I was HEART BROKEN. They sold such pretty dresses for only $10- I don't even know what to do anymore. Insert heavy sigh here. And how fun that you'll learnt o sew from your grandma! My mom said that my aunt is a master sewer, buuuut she lives in Bulgaria so I can't really call on her for lessons, haha.

And that's so lovely of you to donate all your Etsy proceeds- you have such a kind heart!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Ali Hval said...

Ooooh, learning to sew! I wish you luck! I so lack the patience for sewing. Sadly I end up having a battle with the sewing machine before I even begin... I made a pillow in middle school home ec. once, but that was about it. :) I'm sure you'll fare much better, though. It seems like something that would come so naturally to you!

Your hair stunning and your hat is the perfect color and THOSE GLOVES! They are so lovely. You are such a stunning lady and I can never get over your pretty pictures.

That is incredibly selfless of you to make all your profits go to somewhere else. <3 You continue to amaze me with your kindness and grace, Katie!

Kristian said...

I feel like I say this a lot, because I love your style,but this might be my new favorite. So much to love- the gloves (both how they look so chic with the coat and how the bracelet goes over it!), the asymmetrical neckline, the hat!

And wow, I didn't realize you sponsored a child in Kenya! So generous and, well, leading by example, to have the proceeds go to something like that. Please keep us informed :D

Lorna Sharp said...

I Love your outfits its divine !
I surely be checking out your etsy shop soon !


Mike LeMoine said...

You sure look glamorous! I love the cyan coat and of course the blue dress. They certainly give a very vintage feel, very much like the period clothes from the roaring 20's up to the 50's. It's like you're taken out of the war-prop posters themselves. And that bag is just elegant! I'm sure it'll be a hit on your etsy! Stay beautiful, Katie!

Mike LeMoine @ Maverick Web Marketing