Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Why hello! I thought I'd share a bit of what Sean and I did this past weekend-we finally put in our garden! We've been working on tilling it here and there for a couple of weeks (our soil is incredibly rocky and hard while also being clay like. It's pretty much the worst combination, haha) and it was time to plant. We got the seeds in just a few hours before we had a torrential rainstorm, but luckily the garden was on the opposite side from the blowing wind, so the house protected it somewhat. My sisters and I used to help our parents with the garden when we were kids, but I have never had one myself. Our neighbors, who are a couple around our age, were telling Sean and I that it took them about three years to get their garden just how they wanted it. That seems like a long time to me! I'm hoping I get at least a little of something this year to make me feel as though I accomplished a goal of mine :) We are also worried about bunnies. Our yard (or neighborhood really) is like a bunny factory. My cats just sit at the window ledges and watch bunnies all day long, so Sean and I really need to put up a fence of some sort once buds begin to grow.

I am trying out a few of my favorite vegetables for our first go round. Peas are my absolute favorite fresh vegetable, so I planted a regular pea, and a sugar snap pea. I then tried carrots, beets, green and yellow beans, cucumber, and spinach. The spinach says it could be fully developed in as little as 45 days, so I'm hoping for that! I'll have to get gardening tips from my grandmother when I go to visit (I know, I just mentioned she's going to teach me to sew as well-this woman is just amazing!) as she has an expansive garden that she tends to each year. I've gleaned information from her each year, but now that I'm actually putting it into practice I'll need to take concrete notes!

Are any of you tending to a garden this year? What did you plant?

Happy digging!

God Bless,

Genesis 2:8
Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there he placed the man he had made.


Marlen said...

jeeze it sounds like the elements are against you- clay dirt, bunnies, and torrential storms?! haha, that's a handful. but that's awesome you started one this year- hopefully it doesn't take you three years to get it just so. this year my mom and i are just planting a bunch of flowers, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. I can't wait to eat them right off the vine!

xo marlen
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Savvy Spinster Vintage said...

That sounds fantastic and I wish you all the luck on your garden! Fresh vegetables straight from your backyard seem like they'd be paradise. I so wish I had a green thumb! I have quite the opposite, actually. All we can have is cactus.

Jessie Swenson said...

I'm doing my first garden this year too! I planted tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, snap peas, green onions and an assortment of different herbs that I had started indoors in pots! I'm super excited!

Kristian said...

Oh, gardening! How much fun you look to be having.