Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sponsor Post- Altin Place Koa Wood Jewelry

When Altin Place Jewelry, based out of LA asked me to review a piece of their wooden jewelry, I thought it was a great opportunity to try out my husband as a model. When I looked at their collection of Koa wood rings I loved the aspect of nature and clean lines in the design. Here is the description of the rings from their website, "Our Komo Koa Wood Jewelry Collection is made from the finest Hawaiian, eco-friendly materials." Sounds great to me! Since most of their wooden rings are more masculine I thought I'd give my hubby another ring option to wear, since his original wedding band doesn't fit him as well as it could. He LOVES the Cove ring we received. It is extremely good quality, and because of the wood, it looks unique as well. Not to mention there are special details, such as the state of Hawaii engraved on the inside of the ring. The wood is gorgeous and I love that it came from nature. They have cuff links, earrings, and bangles as well which are all lovely.
Not to mention, the wood jewelry has a lifetime warranty, so if something were to happen to the wood or the titanium, Altin Place will work with you to ensure that you have a great quality product. Now, how great is that?
What do you think, do you love the mixture of modern, classic, and natural that this collection has to offer? We sure do!

This post was sponsored by Altin Place Jewelry. This indicates I received a product in exchange for review, although the opinions and ideas expressed are my own.


Jenny Rainey said...

That ring is very handsome, and it's so unique. Oddly enough, a coworker and I were JUST talking about wooden wedding rings! What a coincidence!


Jenna Mills said...

Wood ring, wonderful in design. Love to wear that.

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