Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Modern Design Inc.


 Why hello there! How nice of you to drop by. Today I'm dishing about jewelry. Really, even if you're not a 'jewelry person' as many say, all women (and some men!) love to have at least a couple of quality pieces in their wardrobe to pull out now and then. I have a few nice pieces of jewelry, the best being my wedding ring. Other than that I only have jewelry that has been thrifted or gifted to me in some way. I was thrilled when Modern Design Inc., a custom jewelry company based out of Los Angeles, contacted me to review one of their tungsten rings!  As stated in their their website, "Modern Design Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of custom diamond jewelry based in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District. All of our jewelry is made in the USA." Looking through their selection of rings, from diamond to platinum I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the bands. Each piece is simple and classic, which transcends well into anyone's style preference-whether you're a vintage girl like me or just someone who wants to add a bit of interest to your everyday wardrobe.
They have a stunning collection of engagement and wedding bands for both men and women, as well as collections of diamond earrings and pendants.


When looking through the beautiful collection of Tungsten Rings they had to offer, I decided to choose something very simple. I loved the diamond design of their Polished Slim Tungsten Carbide Ring with Facets. It reminded me of a beautiful ring I wore constantly throughout high school, but sadly lost at a game in about my Jr. year. I wanted a style that could easily be worn with any outfit and was comfortable enough to be worn for everyday. I was not disappointed. Not only did my ring come extremely quickly in the mail, but it came securely as well. The ring was sent in two boxes, a large envelope, and a smaller envelope. It was beautifully polished and the color is very true to what the photos depict on the website. It was a bit wider in style than I was planning, but that is of no matter. The ring is lovely and I have been wearing it nonstop, as their bands are made with comfort fit which is described as, "rounded off on the inside so they slide on easier and sit on your finger comfortably.  Most people want a comfort fit so that the ring will not pinch into their finger." Now that is a statement I can agree with!


I found the ring to be a perfect fit in all areas of my style!


Not only did I have a great experience with the quality and beauty of the jewelry I was sent, but I received incredible customer service as well. They genuinely seemed interested while working with me and made the experience quite enjoyable.

If any of you are in need of some stunning jewelry that will stand the test of time then check out Modern Design Inc.! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Have a great day everyone! 
God Bless, 

Psalm 12:6
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Linda B said...

Great overall review! This ring is such a great piece of versatile jewelry

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Kristian said...

The hat with that stole and ring are glamourous.