Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I started the day with heels and had to change when I went to work. I thought it was worth it to post the two different  looks.

 For work I sported a smaller bag with just my work essentials in it and some comfy shoes so I could run around with the kiddos. And of course a ponytail!

For shopping with my sister and nephews earlier in the day I wore a hat and my favorite new shoes. I thrifted these BCBGirls heels the other day for under 6 dollars. I nearly drooled on them on my way out of the thrift store-they are perfect!
They were comfy for traipsing around the mall and such shopping for a new Lightning McQueen toy. :)


I got a nice compliment from our school janitor today! He told me that my skirt looked like the kind that girls used to wear when he was young and that it looked very nice :) haha! I love bringing back nostalgia to others and it makes me confident that I am truly embracing vintage style, at least to a small degree.



Have a lovely evening!
God Bless, 

Proverbs 2:7
He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.

Hat- Vintage, thrifted
Top- Vintage, thrifted
Skirt- Vintage, thrifted
Oxford Heels- BCBGirls, thrifted
Coach Bag- Thrifted
Dooney and Bourke bag- Thrifted
Black  Shoes- Thrifted


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

That skirt is lovely and your shoes are so unique <3



Southern (California) Belle

Laura said...

I love how you showed both versions of the outfit! They are both so great - I'm really loving those BCBGirls shows. So adorable!


Ali Hval said...

That aqua color is my faaaavorite! It looks so lovely on you, and I really like how both shoes look with your outfit. A good transition indeed, even though it's subtle.

Bethie The Boo said...

Shoes...drool. Those BCBGirls are adorable. Amazing find! And such a lovely skirt! I love wearing hats too, even though I have such short hair, I love hats. I don't get to wear them enough since I can't wear them to work though!

Anonymous said...

I know I say this on practically every post...but can I PLEASE go shoe shopping with you?! You look so cute in those open toe spectators. Love the bright green skirt too :)

<3 Cambria

The Braided Bandit said...

That is one of the cutest Dooney and Bourke bags ever! I have been trying to thrift a good one for about a year now! I really love both versions of this outfit and think that the janitors comment is just the sweetest thing ever! Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah