Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Arts Festival

My hubby is such a trooper. He's been battling some kind of nasty cold all week long, but instead of staying home this morning he took me out to the Summer Arts Festival in town! It is one of our city's largest local events with streets and streets of vendors lined up downtown selling everything from jewelry to rugs, from honey to paintings and so on! It was soo much fun. On our way there we even caught three rummage sales to stop at. I found this gorgeous Lucky Brand cardigan that has beautiful embroidered birds on it for only 50 cents! That was my only purchase of the day and it was so worth it to find that gem.

We walked around in the gorgeous sunshine and looked at the booths all morning. We even got to hear an oldies band play unchained melody and other wonderful songs on the street corner! Then Sean and I had lunch at one of his very favorite spots to eat- Chedd's. They specialize in gourmet grilled cheese with fancy bread and so many kinds of cheese! I got extra sharp cheddar with avocado, banana peppers, and spinach...mmmmmm!

Now the poor guy is passed out on the couch taking the longest nap ever to recover from our day of walking around...but boy did we sure have fun!

One of the things I enjoyed most about today was people watching. I am such a creepy people is one of my favorite hobbies..haha! There were estimated to be around 50,000 people there today-I'm not much for crowds but I always enjoy seeing the excited little kids carrying 50 pound bags of kettle corn or dancing around in cute little tutu's or some other such nonsense.
I am always perplexed by the stares I get when I go out in public because no one in small town SD dresses quite like I do. I get a number of stares walking around in crowds that large. Although I did enjoy a few unexpected compliments from some strangers! I never know how to respond to that...I'm an awkward individual to begin with so when a stranger says something to me I always freeze like I don't know what just happened.

I dug out my really old tube of red lipstick this morning. I haven't worn it in years because I wasn't sure the color was right for me anymore. Well my complexion must have changed slightly over the summer because I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked on me this morning! It held up quite well throughout the day too. I love Revlon lipsticks. I only have two, but they are both Revlon!

Here I am with my Chedd's grilled cheese :)

I am just so thankful to my Lord everyday for blessing me with simple little things which bring happiness. With my sister away for a year in various foreign countries it makes me appreciate life even more and how luxurious we really have it here.

God Bless, and happy weekending to you all!

Psalm 143:10
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.

Earrings- Vintage, Uptown Flea Market
Sunglasses- Walmart
Blouse- Vintage, Y's Buys
Shorts- Vintage
Shoes- Vintage, Y's Buys
Bag- Coach Station Bag, GSI Thrift


Ali Hval said...

Oh, gosh! I seriously love your outfit, first off--that blouse is so beautiful and your hair is so very cute! You just look so lovely here. I can see why so many random people complimented you.. 'cause you look so beautiful! <3

That was sweet of your hub hub to take you out even when he was sick. A true trooper indeed. I'm glad you had fun at the arts festival! :)

Laura said...

Your whole outfit is simply darling. That shirt is just too cute for words. And your hair is in such a cute style; I really need to figure out how to different things with my hair.


jenthejournalist said...

You are too cute! I'm so glad you have this blog so I can see your pretty face every day. You are so beautiful! LOVE YOU and miss you!