Thursday, November 7, 2013


These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, when the trees were still lovely and it there was a bit of warmth left in the air. Now we have snow covering the ground and most of the leaves have already fallen. 
I thought I'd match the surrounding of leaves and don this long button down dress with a leaf print. The dress actually isn't vintage. It is a modern dress originally from Macy's, however I procured it (and this hat!) from my friend Kim when I helped model some things for her shop Retro Remnants, which I gushed about in my last post too :) .
 Usually I like to add some color into my ensemble, but I like rocking neutral tones at times. It makes the outfit seem a bit more natural and authentic with only a pop of color on my lips!


Do you all have plans for a Veteran's Day weekend? We don't have school Friday or Monday, but I still have to work Friday as our organization still offers care on some days where there is no school. I am a bit nervous because I am working at a school I've never been at before with 60 kids I have never met...I am saying a prayer things will go smoothly and that the afternoon will go quickly! 
This weekend my family is getting together to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday! They need to stop growing, I'm not sure where the years are flying off to...I am so thankful that I am close to my family and get to be a part of my nephew's lives, they truly make me smile just thinking about them and the funny things they say! 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you, 
God Bless, 

2 Timothy 2:22
 Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 

Hat, Stole, Belt- Vintage
Shoes- Plato's Closet, Crocs
Earrings- Vintage, Rummage Sale
Bag- Etsy


Marlen said...

those shoes aren't vintage?! and at that, CROCS?! my whole world just turned upside down haha, they're so stinkin pretty! and this outfit is an absolute dream, that fur stole was such a gorgeous touch. and good luck at the new school, i'm sure you'll do great!

xo marlen
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Jessica said...

I agree with Marlen, those shoes are crocs?! seriously?! They are adorable! And I love this look. Very pretty! The place you are looks gorgeous too. :) Good luck with school today!

Ali Hval said...

"now we have snow covering the ground"--haha, dang, that was a quick switch into winter! And these photos are just stunning, Katie. I love the look of falling leaves and when the ground is enshrouded by a bunch of them. Aaaah, the magic of the changing seasons.

That fur stole is beautiful. I love seeing how you layer things so cutely in winter. I'm always amazed by how you can stay so warm AND cute! On the coldest of Alabama days (which are like, heaven for you, I bet) I am unfashionable and bundled up like an unstylish bundle of blankets.

The color of your hat is lovely, too. Have a beautiful weeeekend!

*also apologies for no comments this week! I have been looking through all your beautiful posts, though <3

Kristian said...

The neutral look is great for fall and I like the details of the stole and hat in this outfit.

LoriLynn said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! As are you and this outfit! Xo Lori