Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello Beauties! Are you having a simply splendid Thanksgiving week? Mine has been full of preparations for the coming of family and such. My eldest sister is due to have a baby at any moment, and so we're having Thanksgiving dinner at my place for the first time! I'm not really nervous about it though. Things always come together and just to hang out as a family will be the best thing. I do have to figure out how to make a turkey though and how to time everything correctly. The timing is always what gets you. You need to have everything ready at the same time-with only one oven! haha. What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Aaaand for the small talk portion of our show, we'll talk about the weather! Man it is getting cold outside. I can see that picture taking could be much more difficult this year. Sean is already getting fed up with having to stand outside to help me. But it's good for him right? Keeps him stronger? Yep, that's what I tell myself (and him) :). 
At any rate, layering is a girl's best friend and I couldn't help but layer this fun, floral blouse of my great-grandmother's the other day. I was on my way to a very small book signing of a local author, and I thought wearing glasses and a collar would fit the bill perfectly. This dress is such a fun, vibrant color. Much more coral in person, not as red as these photos would make it out to be. I already have tons of outfit ideas in my head for this baby.

So here's to a terrific Tuesday! It is my last day of school for the week and Sean took the day off as well, so I hope we can get a lot of work done around the house. Better scoot!

God Bless,

Hebrews 12:14
Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord

Blouse- Great Grandmother's
Scarf- Vintage
Bag- Vintage Coach
Shoes- Thrifted
Glasses- Firmoo
Dress- Kohl's


Jessie Swenson said...

Oh you look so cute Katie! Those shoes.. ugh (in the best possible way), they are to die for! I love your hair in this one too! <3

Samantha said...

Ouu, I love that red dress! It's such a lovely colour on you and the style possibles seem endless!

JennaStevie said...

This dress is soooo gorgeous, I love the colour and the fit of it!! It looks so wonderful with that blouse layered underneath too! Yes, standing outside in the cold will make him stronger ;)

Linda B said...

Oooh, the layering you've done here is fantastic Katie! I adore the flowery blouse underneath your red dress <3

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Keit said...

Same here, it's incredibly cold, brrr!
You are a layering Goddess, adore the way you styled that dress. So perfect O_O
As for the Thanksgiving, we don't celebrate it. But we do have a Holiday on the 6th called St. Nicholas and we get together with the family and eat carp or any other fish :D

Kristian said...

Oh, Sean can hang in there. You figure out what shots you must have every shot, streamline, and your shoots are 10-15 min. Not long at all!

Good luck with the timing for food!

Ibolya Janko said...

hi darling!

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Ali Hval said...

Yes, of course having your husband stand outside to take pictures will make him stronger... gotta make sure he gets that fresh air, right?! Haha, I say the same thing for my mom. :)

Oh my I love the combination of the red and green here, Katie! And your curled hair is just too perfect. I'm going to need to draw all your funky cool hairstyles one day. They're just so swirly and twirly and fun!!

Have an excellent Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I've been really obsessed with the color olive these days, so naturally I love your scarf! Cute dress too!

Xo, Hannah


lisa said...

What a perfect blouse! I love it paired with that dress and scarf- you look so, so pretty! I hope your hosting went of without a hitch! The timing think is pretty tricky- I always end up with a couple things not as warm as they should be… ;)