Sunday, September 8, 2013

That Girl from The Notebook

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower for my cousin! I got to see a lot of family I hadn't seen in a while and hang out with my immediate family as well, which is always lovely. Both of my cousins from that family have a baby now and they are both the most delicious little chubby cheeked darlings.  The whole affair was decked out in blue balloons and photographs of the little guy. Plus I got to spend some time chasing my nephews around! All in all a great day :)

This dress, bag, and shoes are all finds from the free thrift store I visited this summer. I was worried about the dress being a bit too 90's, but with the right styling I think it looks positively 1940's! I even had a couple of ladies tell me I looked like, "That girl from The Notebook." haha. What a complement I must say! I just adore midi length dresses and this one turned out to be the epitome of comfort. One of my favorite finds for sure!

I had to get some shots with my sisters and mama! My sister Nancy in the violet is expecting her third baby in November, we CANNOT wait!

God Bless!

Psalm 143:10
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Hat- Lost Marbles Antiques
Bag, Dress, Shoes- Lowry Mall
Earrings- Gift from sister :)


Ali Hval said...

"That girl from the notebook"--haha, I love it! Isn't it awesome when people give you comments on your outfits? It's like a nice burst of confidence... hehehe. Also, is there anything you don't look absolutely flawless in? Honestly, whatever color you don looks so good on you. That purple is a stunning shade, and I love how it mimics the lovely color on your lips!

And I'm adoring your fairy princess curls, too. Your ringlets are gorgeous!

Have an awesome start to your week, lovely lady! Sorry I've been so slow with comments--I've had a tough week, but I'm back now AT FULL FORCE! CHAAAARGE! <3

JennaStevie said...

Baby showers are always so much fun, babies are adorable. Sounds like a pretty lovely weekend!
You absolutely do look like "that girl from the notebook". Perfect styling on this dress, the purple flower hairpiece is absolutely gorgeous :)

Shop Style Conquer said...

omg i can totally see the notebook vibe to the outfit! I love that purple tones lipstick, matches perfectly to the hair piece!

-Tara x


Linda B said...

Awesome title for this post! Haha, you really do resemble Allie from The Notebook :D
Love the vintage floral dress and your classy wedges

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Keit said...

You DO look like that girl from the Notebook :D Always so chic and classy! And hey, you're taking photos on the streets now, kudos for the courage, you go girl!

Amia said...

You do look like Ali, you look stunning! I absolutely adore the hat/hairpiece, so pretty!

Samantha said...

Oh, there's definitely a "The Notebook" vibe to this look, and who wouldn't want that?!Haha. Your hat (or fastener?) looks beautiful and absolutely love how you matched your lipstick to it! Your hair looks beautiful here too, so lovely and curly!

Bethie The Boo said...

I think you did a great job with styling the dress! Definite 40's vibe over 90's I would say! Sounds like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aww, baby showers are so sweet and fun! I love the dress that you wore!

Xo, Hannah

Marlen said...

Did you say FREE thrift store? Seriously, I'm moving over to where you live. And ALLY! Oh i'd die if someone said i looked like ally, what a compliment :)

And i'm so jealous of all the fat little babies you have around you. I think my baby fever would be quelled a little if i could at least play with someone's cute little kid haha. alas im the oldest out of my family that lives in america :(

xo marlen
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Kristian said...

That is a fantastic compliment indeed! I especially love the hat you have with it.