Sunday, September 22, 2013


I absolutely love trying out different silhouettes of jeans. I mostly wear straight-leg or skinny jeans, but this sailor inspired pair jumped out at me when I visited the Lowry Mall last time I was there. For free I had to give them a try, right? They are so comfy, so high-waisted, and have such a fun, nautical feel to them. On this day, Sean had the day off of work, and I had a little time before I had to head to my job. We decided that since it was such a beautiful day we would make the rounds to the several rummage sales that had popped up in the area! It was such a beautiful day for it. I had a GREAT day of rummaging. At one sale I scored a huge bag of vintage clothing for 4 dollars. I also amped up my 1940's hat collection and found four hats for 17.50, which is a complete STEAL in my opinion. I can't wait to wear them!

Since I got my DSLR as a birthday present three years ago, I've wanted a nice, leather camera bag.  However, all of the namebrand bags at 300 dollars a pop were a little too rich for my blood. I finally discovered this Etsy shop based out of India and was blown away that I could get a leather camera satchel for so cheap. I am in love with it. It smells wonderful and is so much easier to carry around than the giant, bulky black  one I had that came with the camera. It was perfect to carry around at the rummage sales and I can't wait to start carrying my camera everywhere with me now. Huzzah! :)

Well, it has been an insanely busy weekend already. We hosted my sister in law's bridal shower at our house on Saturday and then I spent hours lesson planning that evening (still more to go). I feel like I've lost my planning touch over the summer and I need to get it back or this year is going to be torture! 
Today Sean and I have church, errands to run, and (hopefully!) an apple festival to head to. Should be a fun time. 
Have a blessed Sunday friends!

God Bless, 

Romans 15:7
Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

Lipstick- Revlon Cream Lipstick in Certainly Red
Jeans- Free from Lowry Mall
Blouse- Vintage, Rummage Sale
Loafers, Jacket- Vintage, Y's Buys
Scarf- Vintage, Ragstock
Bag- Nice Leather Goods on Etsy


Immortality Passion said...

Oh so lovely, I love nautical colors.

Amia said...

I love your jacket, it's so fun being half and half! Sounds like a lovely Sunday:)

Kristian said...

Oh where to even start?!

I love how you do jeans with vintage looks (and am always impressed you find ones that fit so well. Jeans are always a nightmare for me in that department).

I am also now SUPER curious about the hats you bought! Total steal indeed. (though I have hats I love and have never made it to the blog too...)

Lastly, what a gorgeous camera bag. And how good to be supporting small business owners/artisians.

PS Best Wishes for your sister-in-law!

MarieStella said...

great jeans and bag!! love your loafedrs and the color of your shirt!!
Romwe leggings giveaway on my blog!

Ali Hval said...

Whaaaat? You got that leather camera case for such a good price, Katie! I actually bookmarked that website because yep, I think I saw a cool messenger bag in there that I would love to have to drag around college. Thanks for including that! :D

Oh man, I like everything about this outfit. Your colorblocked jacket is rad, of course, and I love those jeans on you, too! It sounds like you found tons of super neat stuff, and I'm so glad for you! I would love to just spend a day sifting through cool rummage sales, but I can never seem to locate any around here! Guess when I come up to see you one day you'll have to show me around, huh?

Have a wonderful week, Katie!!~

Elliementary, My Dear said...

In these photos, you totally look like you could be in an episode of Bomb Girls :)

Samantha said...

Love those jeans and the shape looks great on you! I've been searching for high-waisted, wider legged jeans, to no avail. I'm so very jealous of your rummaging finds, awesome prices! I'm excited to see your new vintage pieces!

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

It's like you jumped out of a vintage fashion magazine, this outfit is perfection. I hope your weekend wasn't too busy and you had some time to enjoy it :)



Southern (California) Belle

|åƱȩȠȡȅɍ ȶῢⱠⱡⱣž said...

Thank you for the link on the leather bag!!! Awesome stuff and as always super jealous of your hair. You look awesome :)

Sian Thomas said...

That bag is lovely - I'd love a leather camera bag too! And the jacket is so awesome with its two different colours - amazing!
Sian xx Rebel Angel

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

wow, so the rummage sale had free things?! what an amazing find on those pants, they look like they were originally very expensive. love the high waist, flair leg and dark denim, really the perfect pair of jeans in my opinion. & sounds like lots of fun planning at least! wishing you the best in it all.
Cuddly Cacti
Mitla Moda

Laura Whitman said...

You look so adorable! I really love your jacket - and your hair is done so perfectly! It sounds like you really had a fantastic weekend!