Saturday, March 30, 2013


I've had a good week. A really good week. I ate how I was supposed to,  went running like I was supposed to, and took time to do more creative things like reading, writing, and cooking. It always takes me a while to get to a place like this. A place where my priorities are where they should be, and where I feel like I'm in good health. Maybe it's the beautiful weather, or the promise of spring and summer to come. Maybe it's because school will be wrapping up shortly and I couldn't be more excited about it. I can't wait to have my sister back from her trip, and a whole lot of other things on the horizon.

This was seven days after wet-setting my hair in curlers. I set them in curlers last Saturday and hadn't washed my hair since and I STILL had some curls in my hair! Craziness. I love that I've trained my hair to basically not get greasy. I just started washing it less and less, brushing it with a boar bristle brush every once in a while, and my locks followed suit. It's so much less dry now too, and I save money on shampoo and conditioner!

The wind was horrendous while we were taking these photos. It was making me oh so sad, haha! Even when the weather is perfect here in SD it always has to be ruined by the wind. Sean and I took a walk this evening and almost got blown off the sidewalk. But that's ok! We're used to it by now :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend in store for you! Easter weekend is one of my very favorites. I can't be with family this year, but it's my favorite just the same. 
God Bless!

Isaiah 53:3-4
He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.

Dress-JC Penny
Shoes- Thrifted
Blouse- Grandmother's
Hat- Target
Bracelet- Gift
Necklace- Mother's


Linda Greaves said...

Sounds like Idaho wind you're describing there! Or weather in general...if its sunny and gorgeous outside, you can almost guarantee some gusts are going to kick up to ruin it...ah well, haha, sometimes it can be refreshing when its really hot out!
Also, way to get your stuff done Katie! You're making me feel guilty for not working out as much as I'd hoped to this week...sigh. Well, back to Zumba and Pilates next week! Haha :)
Oh, and you trained your hair!? Can you train mine? Ha, mine have got to be the most stubborn strands around. Within a day they're greasy and limp, especially my bangs. Sigh
Anyway, that dress over the peter pan blouse is perfect - the best part is that lovely hat. You always look so beautiful Katie :) Love these fun photos out in the wind!

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Rotschopf said...

aw, what a nice post!!
great blog, enjoy reading it. wondering if you wanna follow each other?
we could stay in touch though. just let me know.
best wishes and happy easter - weekend!!

Appreciate the Day said...

Another beautiful layering look. I love how I keep getting great ideas of how to remix my wardrobe. Well done for your week and have a lovely Easter weekend.
p.s. such a lovely hat!
Kate xx

Imogen said...

This is stunning. Totally my style. I adore the dress and it is amazing with the shirt under. This is such a beautiful location for photos.

Ali Hval said...

Well if it helps, the wind totally makes some of your pictures look super magical, Katie! :D Haha, it's been pretty windy here, too, the kind of windy where if you're riding your bike up a hill and it catches your jacket, you just kind of... stop. But I know how intense the Dakota winds can be up there and that can be pretty intense. I hope you manage to stay upright!!

Your dress... ooooh! It's so pretty! I love you in pink. And I just love your slightly-billowy sleeves.

Also, yay for an excellent week in terms of running and health! :D

sergio castaño peña said...

your sense of good taste is definitely amazing!
so, as youll know loving your blog

hope youll follow back :)

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh no, the wind! i usually tend to skip photography on days like that! the pictures here turned out so wonderful though! and i love your hat!

happy easter to you, too!

lindsey louise

sergio castaño peña said...

your sense of good taste is definitely amazing!
so, as youll know loving your blog

hope youll follow back :)

heidi said...

I really like that hat with the outfit you're wearing. And it's so true that you can train your hair to be washed less. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Heidi’s Wanderings

Rowan Reiding said...

Wooooooow I love the hat!



Style by Three said...

What a cute outfit!! Your pictures are stunning!! We’re now following you via gfc :)

Hope you visit us and follow back if you like! Sytyle by Three Blog
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