Monday, November 19, 2012


This is what I wore to hang out with my family last Saturday! I got this vintage dress/miu miu/who knows what from a friend who gave me a bunch of her grandmother's old clothing. I can't decide what this garment is! Could it be a waitress outfit, a morning robe? A maternity dress? All I know is that it has only one pocket, either flowers or pineapples running down the front, and it is a color that I love :) with a big ole' collar of course! 
I couldn't resist pairing it with my yellow pointed hat. It is one of my favorite things to wear! Sean thought I looked like a banana. I suppose I do, but I can never resist matching my hat to my dress.
I wore this to do a bit of thrifting with my mama. I didn't buy any clothes, but I bought a ridiculous pair of men's oxfords (can't wait to show you those!) and the most PERFECT vintage purse find ever. That you will see in my next post :)
When I found the shoes my mother exclaimed, "Uh oh Katie, I think those are men's shoes." To which I curtly replied, "Yes, of course they are. I have like four pairs of men's shoes, haha!" It made me laugh. 

I definitely know this dress is far too large on me, but I feel like when it comes to vintage clothing I don't care if it fits me perfectly or not, I just make it work because I have about zero sowing skills. How about you? Do you wear clothing that doesn't fit simply because you love something about it, like a collar or print? 

God Bless!

Psalm 50:14
Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.

Hat- Vintage, Uptown Flea Market
Dress- Vintage
 Jeggings- Macy's
Oxfords- Target
Bag- Vintage Coach


Rachel Sullivan said...

That dress is perfect and I love it.


Laura said...

Got to love vintage clothes that you have no idea what the original intent was... I have a couple things like that.

Can't wait to see all of your finds!


Michelle said...

I love the collar! I tend to not buy vintage clothing that's too large for me but you may have changed my mind!

Bethie The Boo said...

I love the pineapples - if that is what they are. They look like it to me! I love your hat too! I say if it feels good when you wear it, then there is nothing wrong with it being too big!

Emily said...

That whatever-it-is is actually quite adorable. You styled it in such a way that took all the granny out of it. I adore the primary colors in this look. You're ridiculously cute.

May the force be with you.