Thursday, August 19, 2010

So...I was sitting on the couch today and I accidentally fell asleep for four hours....has that ever happened to you? So I totally feel like I wasted my day...but it was awesome!
When Sean got home we ate some mac and cheese and then went to go look at cars at the local dealership to dream about some cars that we can't afford :)
I will need a car at some point...but my Roxy is still running with 240,000 miles on it!! wooohoo!!!
Anywho, just a comfy, comfy outfit for being around the house today :D
My face looks really funny, but that's only because I had Sean take my pictures, only to find out that I had forgotten to put the card back in the camera...I was too lazy to go in and get I had to go with the one picture that we got!! haha

Top- Got this top a little big so I could belt it and wear it with leggings! From walmart...:)
Leggings- Dollar store
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- Payless
Purse- Flea market

Also I thought I would post some pictures of our place! It is a duplex and we have the bottom level with two bedrooms. It has a pretty large kitchen, but cleanliness was certainly an issue when we arrived! But we have lots of nice counter space and that's good for all the baking I love to do :D

The living/dining area is very large as well which is nice. It is a nice little place and I am content with it for the amount of time we will be living in it.

Here is Sean entering his cokepoints! He has actually gotten a lot of nice stuff by doing coke points, but that's because he's had an army of people behind him supplying him with lots of caps!

I was glad there was this little nook in the kitchen for all of my cookbooks! I LOOOVE cookbooks! I would rather read them than any other kind of book for some reason...don't give me fantasy or adventure books-I'll take a cookbook any day!

I love you all and God Bless!
Katie Aman

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Rebecca said...

Fun! :) I also fell asleep once when I was reading on the couch.. I don't know how many hours it was though; perhaps only 2 or 3 though..