Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Weekend+ SammyDress

Hello, hello! Have you all had a splendid weekend so far? Sean and I had a lovely Saturday (albeit a bit exhausting). We decided we were going to take the whole afternoon and visit several thrift stores that we hadn't been to in town. We certainly found some interesting things including this gem of a board game, which we unfortunately did not buy. We also found a fun s'mores maker for our 'kitchen gadgets we probably don't need' collection. We're coming along nicely on that one. 
I convinced Sean to drive us the long trek downtown to a new (to me) vintage shop a few friends had recommended to me. Boy did I geek out when I got there. She had so many lovely 1940's gems and I ended up coming home with two 1940's dresses and one gorgeous suit! When I went up to buy it turns out clothing was 25% off so I felt even better about my purchases. Plus I ended up talking to the shop owner for like 15 minutes at the till about how amazing the stories behind vintage clothing are and how she gets to talk to all these old ladies who bring in their old things. She even has pictures of owners wearing their clothing from decades past and ahhhh I could have talked to her for ages. I told her if she's ever hiring I want a job and I think I made a new friend :). She also had an Etsy shop just bursting full of treasures called Aviena, check it out, you will not be disappointed I promise!

 In other news, I am wearing my new favorite coat sent to me courtesy of Sammydress! They are a fast growing online retailer offering high quality products at amazing prices. They have such a range of styles from modern to vintage, it really was fun perusing their site.  Looking through their website I found so many super cute items, but fell in love with this jacket. It has an interesting texture and proportion to it. I love any item that has unique features, and the exposed seaming on this piece was so eye-catching I couldn't pass it up. Click on the image below or the above links to take you to their website! I have another post coming this week featuring this jacket a second time. It is quite versatile, and goodness, you can't beat the prices of this lovely stuff!

Happy sunny Sunday friends! It is in the 40 degree range here which is a full 80 degrees warmer than just a couple of weeks ago! Break out the bathing suits woohoo!

God Bless,

Matthew 7:1-2
Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

Coat- Sammydress
Jeans- Elle
Blouse- Gift from Lisa of Lalafauxbois, Similar
Sweater Vest- Vintage, Similar look
Shoes- Target, Similar
Scarf- Gift from mama, Similar
Bag- Coach, Similar
Beret- Vintage, Similar
Sunglasses- Bought on vacation in Seattle, Similar


Kristian said...

Such a cute, relaxed look!

Cathy said...

Love your coat! Sounds like you found some great vintage treasures. Looking forward to seeing your future outfit posts featuring them! :-)


Ali Hval said...

Ah man, isn't it awesome when tou find people who have blogs or Etsy accounts in real life?! It's like, wow, people in real life use the internet. :D I don't know but it always amazes me, buwahahaha!

Glad you had an awesome day vintage shopping. You look absolutely precious--I love love your neck scarf! My deepest apologies for being so slow with comments on your blog. I'm FB stalking you and Twitter following your adventures for those slow comment weeks, though. :D I luuuh you! <3

Midwest Muse said...

In love with the braid + beret combo and your layering!

Keit said...

I love chatting around with vintage shop owners, they're always so nice and interesting to talk to :D
Can't wait to see your new purchases!
Love the new coat and those amazing glasses. The brown vintage bag is adorable!

Marlen said...

hahah "kitchen gadgets we don't need"- why, those are the best kind! and i love that you still manage to look so vintage even while casual- i love your beret!

xo marlen
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Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

i love all your cozy layers here and how stylish and vintage you look even in jeans!