Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well, I had quite the lovely birthday yesterday. Kind of a typical Monday, but I found out that this weekend my hubby is taking me on a little excursion to see some of my very best friends in the cities! If any of my MN friends are going to be around this weekend, please do let me know, I would love to see some of you!

These photos are from ages ago when snow and cold kept me from going outside. Instead I stayed indoors dreaming of some way to make myself into Katherine Hepburn. I certainly don't have her figure, but nonetheless a good wide-legged trouser was in order. I also wore one of my cardigans backwards just for fun.

Unfortunately, as much as I love these glasses, they aren't exactly wearable at the moment. One of the kiddos hit me smack in the face with a ball a few weeks ago and bent these right out of shape. When I thought they were wearable again, I got hit in the face with another ball (different child). So I guess these are magnetically attracted to rubber or something? At any rate I need to figure out how to reshape plastic glasses because truly these frames were one of my favorite pairs.

And, a devotion for today:

Our church had a guest speaker last Sunday and his message hit me pretty hard. He spoke from Exodus when the Israelites were given manna and quail from God (chapter 16). The chapter speaks heavily of how the people were supposed to gather only as much food as they needed for their family and not more than that. That way everybody would be equal-no one with too much or too little. This concept is so foreign to our culture today. We work hard to get as much stuff as we possibly can (I'm just as guilty as anyone of this). We think that as long as we are earning our money it's ok to spend it on whatever we want-be it vacations, clothing, you name it. I've been so convicted lately though, that maybe God has blessed me with abundance because He actually wants me to DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Sure, He loves me and doesn't mind me finding a bit of happiness in things. But do I really need an exessive amount of things to be happy? Do I NEED a closet full of clothes when there are those out there who have only the clothes on their back? Do I need a fridge full of food (half of which will probably go bad because I can't possibly eat it all) when there are children out there who only eat three times a week? Why do we humans not trust in the goodness of God enough to see that He will provide just what is enough for us-and any 'leftovers' that we have should be shared with those who need it more than we do? My husband and I certainly are not the richest couple I know-but compared to many we are blessed with SO MUCH MORE than we really need. 
The question in all of this is where and how can I help? Me spending less money on clothes isn't going to put clothes on the back of a needy child. The money is just going to sit in our bank account. The only thing I really do to help in small part is sponsor a child through Compassion International. I have a little boy named Albanus from Kenya who writes letters to me with pictures and all. And I write him back. It is the greatest feeling, really to know that I am helping out just the tiniest bit. The thing was, in church last Sunday I felt so compelled to sponsor even more children. It's something the mister and I will have to discuss...but I just feel like we should sponsor as many as we can afford-be it one child or ten children! I don't want to lower my guilt complex by just saying, "Oh, it's ok if I buy this-I do my part by sponsoring a child (or whatever your thing is)." NO! If I have excess money I should be spending it on more children not on myself! How selfish of a person I am at times...How selfish of a culture are we (in general)? 
I'm praying to God that He shows me more pathways in which to help, preferably even in my own community. With the hours I work, I could spend a good chunk of the day volunteering, I just don't know where at the moment. What I do know is that God's plan was for each of us to have enough in this life. How unfair the human race has made things and it's high time we try and tip the balance back to equality.

So anyway, sorry for the rant-but this has just been on my heart lately and I felt it was too important not to share. Thoughts?
God Bless, 

Exodus 16:17-18
 The Israelites did as they were told; some gathered much, some little. And when they measured it by the omer, the one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little. Everyone had gathered just as much as they needed.

Pants-NY and Co.- thrifted
Shoes- Kohl's
Scarf- Gift from my mama :)


Bethie The Boo said...

The Cities as in MY cities? Mpls? When are you coming?

You look so elegant with the scarf!!

MarieStella said...

very chic glasses and high waisted pants!! you look so beautiful and classy!!

Ali Hval said...

You're amazing to help a child like that, Katie. I'm always thinking about how thankful I am for how well off my family and I are, and do my best to only get what I need (though I'm sure I could be doing a lot better...). But yes, you are a incredibly lady, an incredible lady indeed. :) Everyone could learn from you!

Those trousers really are lovely. And I must say that I love your lip color here, too!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh, those trousers are lovely! i would love to find a pair that would suit me as well as those do you!
i love the message that you recieved! i am constantly thinking that way too, volunteering is a great way to help! there is an organization here in my town that i love to work at. try one out around your location! just an hour helping is great, every little bit counts!

lindsey louise


Anonymous said...

That's a great belt!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Great post! I'm following you =)
Lattes & Lacee

Well... said...

Oh wow Katie...you are really convicting me right now. My family and I have been struggling lately with making ends meet, but we're still far better off compared to so many others! I admire your compassionate nature and selflessness. We all struggle with greed and this complex where we only care about ourselves...its rampant in our culture! I hate it, but I'm also guilty of it.
Thanks for sharing this with us though, I hope more took time to read all of that. ♥

Oh right, so this was also an outfit post, huh? Haha, love the wide leg trousers on you lady and the backwards cardigan! Effortlessly chic. And goodness, those children seem to have problems with their aim! Haha

Trendy Teal

Elana said...

Loving this Katharine Hepburn inspired look! That was definitely my first thought when I saw the first photo. Your legs look 10 miles long in these pants :)

Keit said...

Interesting thing is, that people who have the most money, would never bother with such questions, you presented. And they are the ones with the most power and abilities to help. Most people who are willing to help and make a difference, don't have much to offer.
Sure, we can donate food, money, clothes. But how much of it is going straight to the people who need it and how many people is it going to help?
From a global perspective, poverty and misery will always prevail, because the most powerful don't care and don't bother changing it.
Still, this doesn't mean we should give up and stop helping others as best we can.
Sorry for the long reply :D Btw, the backwards cardi is pure genius, you look so lovely!

Kristian said...

Firstly, I love you in those wide-legged pants. I have some I wear all the time too. And a backwards cardi is very creative!

Secondly, That is so great that you do that. I've been considering how to be more financially supportive and was considering sponsering a child like you do. The Boy is a little sceptical of whether the money will really go to the child though, so it is good to hear your positive experiences. I'm also considering looking at a micro-credit thing or the heifer project. I love that all of these not only help for now bu work toward helping to make people more independent and self-sufficent. So many just need that help to start and in turn they can make a difference too.

Anyway, this is turning into quite the ramble. I'd be very interested to hear more about both your donation efforts and any volunteering ou choose to do in your own area.

Sarah Mae said...

I sponsor a little girl, Sefora, from Nicaragua. I started when I had extra money and it wasn't much of a sacrifice. Now with no income and lots of medical costs (OTC meds, warranty for my stimulator, etc) I have often thought that I really can't afford it and I should stop, but I don't have the heart to. I've grown to love this little girl and while she may get another sponsor, she may not. So I continue to make sacrifices where I can and continue to sponsor her. I'd love to sponsor more children but I really can't afford it right now. I hope to sponsor more in the future, if I get to the point where I am able to have an income. :)

Midwest Muse said...

Love this! And happy late birthday! I hope it was awesome!