Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Party

I love to get gussied up for special occasions. I don't think people take them seriously enough anymore. Everyone shows up to holiday parties in jeans and sweatshirts and I am perceived as garishly overdressed. Alas, I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is too short to not have a little happiness in the things you enjoy doing. My personality is so altered by what I wear. In a fancy dress I feel more regal and classy. It helps me pretend I am a part of a time from decades ago. I really wish that balls and fancy parties were still a thing. I would love to listen to classical music while we all dance fancy dances together and sip little lemonades while we swoon over men in coattails and women in their pearls. Bring back those times please!

I actually have a funny story about this dress. I went vintage shopping with my mother over Thanksgiving and we found this stunning dress on the basement floor hidden away-I almost missed it! When I did find it I did a little gasp and just marveled at all of the wonderful details. However I was just sure that it was too small for me and that I would never fit into it. My mother was determined however and she said that I HAD to try it on. The problem was that there was no dressing room in this vintage store (a three floored massive place by the way). She tried to open various doors and persuade me to change in dark, forbidden closets in the store because I just had to try on this dress! Of course I refused because I have a horridly guilty conscience and a fear of getting caught doing stupid things like that. Well, we found a curtain on the top floor of this place where all the clothes were and my mom-MY OWN MOTHER somehow got me to go behind that curtain and change amongst all of the store's back room items while she stood watch outside the curtain. BAHAHA that is something I will never forget! Needless to say the dress fit perfectly and I, of course, couldn't leave without it. Especially with a story like that backing it up. I love my mama so, so much.

Sorry for the horrid pictures, our apartment complex started redoing the carpets in the hallway and never we have these lovely looking concrete floors! That's the problem with getting dressed up for parties-they happen at nighttime so you have to take photos is a dank hallway-oh well, no matter!
Sean and I went and bought our Christmas tree last night! We bought a short, fat little guy that I just fell in love with. We are trying to come up with a name for him (it is our first real tree and all you know) but are having a little trouble doing so. Any ideas for me? I'd love it if you'd share!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all :)
God Bless!

John 10:14-15
 “I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me,  just as my Father knows me and I know the Father. So I sacrifice my life for the sheep."

Dress, Coat, Clutch, Bracelet, Shoes- Vintage, thrifted
Tights- Walmart


Bethie The Boo said...

You and your mom are too funny! I love it! I'm glad you got the dress though, it's beautiful! I agree, I wish people still dressed up for special occasions. More and more I don't see that as much and it makes me sad!

Little-Hat said...

AMEN to everything you said about dressing up! I wish people took life a little more seriously and dressed for it...
You look beautiful! I love that you're rocking a longer hemline and some colored tights! I wish we lived closer together so we could attend functions "overdressed" together! I chronically run into that same problem. haha


Anonymous said...

You definitely look regal...for some reason, this reminds me of Wallis Simpson! I love, love the pearl neck and the dress fits you perfectly. You need to put up pics of that Christmas tree!

<3 Cambria

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Kristian said...

I love this! Its very classy indeed and I love the unique twist with the pearls. Your hair is very pretty too.

Elana said...

You look so elegant! I love that story about this dress, I'm so happy it ended up fitting like a glove- the detail is just gorgeous! And I absolutely agree about bringing back the old times. I wish people would dress like this more often!

Leslie (Instant Fires) said...

That dress is BEAUTIFUL, you look like you just walked out of Mad Men or something. In fact, every look on your blog is really classy... you have an eye for awesome vintage!

- Leslie, Instant Fires

Ali Hval said...

Right?! What's up with people looking at you strange for dressing up... they're the strange ones. I, too, appreciate any opportunity that I have to dress up a little more than usual. :) Props to you, Katie!

You look amazing in longer length coats, and your hair is gorgeous! <3

Cuddly Cacti said...

ooh that dress is amazing, love the beautiful attached collar necklace. that really is a funny story, your mom sounds so funny! And now, good thing after all that work it did fit!

Marlen said...

I really wish there were still balls and fancy parties too! I always loved reading the party scenes from the Great Gatsby and imagined me waltzing around with a fur coat and pearls, slender cigarette hanging from my lips haha. I absolutely LOVE how you did your hair- it really suits you! And that pearl collar on that dress is just beautiful. You should walk around all dolled up more often ;) It really suits you

My Thrifty Chic said...

Hi I am new to your blog and found you from Southern Ca Belle! I love your vintage dress! I am your newest GFC follower :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Gah, what a find!!! Ok I will admit, it's hard not to be a bit jealous over this one :) Wouldn't it be wonderful to practically dress like this every day? I do agree that life should be filled with more special occasions. Anyhow, you look like a classic hollywood movie star. Beautiful lady! xo Marisa