Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Specs

This is the last set of pictures I took out at my grandparents old house. I decided to wear a vintage sweater and scarf of my grandmother's which I absolutely love!

I even pulled out one of the old books from the bookshelf that had a pretty cover on it. As I was reading I discovered that it was only a book about cattle....hahaha, that's what I get!!

I found these glasses at a fleamarket in my college town. I want to get lenses put in them someday, but they are so old and fragile I'm not sure that is a good for now I'll just wear them without lenses! I absolutely love the shape of them though!

Sadly, I'm going to be taking another blogging break this coming week. It seems as though the summer is always so broken up for me! My husband and I are going to be counseling together at one of my favorite places in the whole world: Big Stone Camp for Christ.
It is where I grew up as a camper during the summer (I started counseling when I was older), it is where I made my best friends in the world, and ALSO where Sean proposed to me nearly three years ago! Now I'm finally bringing my hubby there to counsel with me!! I am beyond excited. I am so blessed to be able to share this with Sean- now he'll be able to see why this little camp has meant so much to me through the years, what an experience to share!

God Bless you throughout this coming week!

Psalm 103:13
The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

Scarf and sweater- Vintage, grandmother's
Shorts- Vintage pants-cut by me
Boots- Kohl's
Glasses and case- Vintage from a flea market


Iqra said...

I love your scarf and glasses ! I hope you enjoy your break from blogging !


Aitana said...

I love your look!!!^^


Beth Kondrick said...

Old fashioned glasses are so fun! I love this entire look.

Have a blast at the camp! Look forward to stories when you are back!

his little lady said...

you are so fabulous, girl! loving your style!
xo TJ

The Midwest Muse said...

I absolutely love the first shot. Everything about it is perfect. The glasses are also AMAZING and what a lovely spot to take photos.

Have fun counseling! Totally worth taking a blogging break for.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see you breaking again...but what an awesome thing to be doing with your hubby! Hope it's a time of growth in the Lord and together for you two :) Love, looooooove your pretty scarf and cute glasses!
<3 Cambria

Mrs. Dork said...

I've enjoyed all the pictures from your photo shoots!

Have a blast at camp! I feel the exact same way about the church camps I attended when I was young, and have worked at for the last few years. (I actually just got back from this year's camps!) Can't wait to hear about how it goes for you. :)